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Mini210S Single Board Computer,ARM Cortex-A CPU Samsung S5PV210 at 1GHz. Mini210S RAM: 512M DDR2, Flash: 1GB SLC NAND PowerVR SGX540 Mini210S,TFT LCD,Android 4.x, Linux/Debian/Ubuntu, WindowsCE 6.0, uCosII,IoT,smart home,HMI,industrial control,

On Board I/O

Show all connectors and signals.

Debian on SD


Preparing an SD card to install Linux to Flash using Windows.

You will need these files from the DVD or download them here: Mini210S Linux. Superboot.bin

Install the SD-Flasher tool from the DVD or get it here. SD_Flasher Download.

Format the SD in your computer. Use FAT32 formatting. Run-as-administrator the SD-Flasher tool and select Mini210S form the drop down menu.