Get Started with Matrix Starter Kit

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Get Started with Matrix Stater Kit

Introduction to Matrix

Matrix Starter Kit
  • The matrix starter kit is an open source hardware kit developed by FriendlyARM for makers, both hobbyists and professionals. Open source code samples are included for each module in this kit. The matrix starter kit works with most FriendlyARM boards such as the NanoPi family, the NanoPC family, and any boards with some GPIO. Matrix modules work with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards and clonish boards like Redboard and Metro. Check the complete Wiki for the kit.
  • Each module in this tutorial is simple and implements just one or two functions. With your creativity different modules can be organized to work in the ways you need.

Introduction to Matrix Starter Kit

Matrix Starter Kit01

  • Matrix starter kit contains these modules: LED, Push Button, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Ultrasonic Ranger, IIC LCD1602+PCF8574, Joystick, Sound Sensor, Buzzer, 3-Axis Digital Compass, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer, Analog to Digital Converter, Relay.
Matrix Starter Kit02
  • FriendlyARM sample code includes an alarm system, temperature & humidity alarm system, LED remote control system, distance measuring system with ultrasonic ranger, smart vehicle, and LCD clock.